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Dear Ivana,

My daughter enjoyed the time with you immensely, she sent me an e mail that was absolutely eulogistic, am so glad, but knew it! I hope that it was nice for you as well.

Kind regards,
Angelica Seppala

Angelica Seppala 12th November 2014

Very dear Ivana,

We all have returned to Israel this morning, very happy after the big experience.
First - all were very happy with your guidance and help of the restaurants and buses etc. Big thank from me personally.
And by the way - the Formanka was not good. Formanka was - Great !! - it was such a wonderful ending to the tour. Remember this lovely place whenever you will need something on the way.
Hope to meet you again one day


Haggi 19th October 2014

Dear Ivana,

Thank you for the message. Please accept my sincere thanks for all your help to make this group a great success. We also look forward to the next one and I hope to know something soon.

Best wishes,

Peter 24th October 2014

Hello Ivana,

We wanted to thank you for the most wonderful day in Prague. Your tour was the highlight of our trip! Your attention and care was most appreciated as well as your amazing knowledge!! I dint know how you can retain all that information!!

Thank you for making our trip so memorable.

Sandy and Bob Long

Sandy and Bob Long 12th August 2014


Just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed our trip to Prague and the time spent with Bara.

She was an excellent guide, giving us much insight into the culture of Prague. We were able to see everything we had hoped for and more.

Her knowledge of the sights and the history was profound. She never missed an opportunity to point out something interesting even in passing. After getting to know us, on the fly she would alter our route to make sure we included all that was interesting to us. Her flexibility was much appreciated. Even the places she selected for lunch and snacks including the Lobkowiz Palace and Coffee Sugar Lemonade, Cafe Louvre , and the great hot chocolate place were perfect! A little taste of trdlenik along the way just hit the spot too!

She made our trip to Prague memorable.

Thank you,
Gail and Michael Starr

Gail and Michael Starr 10th May 2014

Dear Ivana and Prem

Just to say a huge thanks to both of you for helping to make our holiday in Prague one of the best times we’ve ever had as a family (even if it was without our daughter). It was such a privilege seeing Prague through your eyes, Ivana.....with all your extensive knowledge, insight and obvious passion for your city and country, and it’s history and sociology. And it’s also thanks to you Prem who made it possible in the first place.

We had an amazing week skiing in Sölden in Austria, after 3 days in Vienna (which while not a let-down was not up to what we had experienced in Prague!). We had perfect weather for the skiing – the snow fell ‘in buckets’ for 2 days before we got there, then for another day, then for the rest of the time it was almost the conditions were really excellent; and Sölden as a place was also lots of fun – I can really recommend it as a place to have a holiday. We are certainly not very good skiers and found we could handle all the slopes – they are wide which means mistakes can be made and corrected!

So now we are back in a very hot Cape Town and it’s time to get back to reality; but for the time being we are still glowing from our wonderful holiday.

Thanks again to you both, and kind regards


Dearest Ivana,

Just got back to Mumbai a couple of days ago after a 6 weeks holiday where Prague was the first destination. Just wanted to thankyou for the wonderful experience that we had in Prague and for making our trip so very memorable. I am so glad that you were there to take us around as you were the perfect person to have Introduced us to Prague. Dipak and Tia both remember you very fondly and I do hope we shall always keep in touch.

We are already working on our next trip and I do hope it will be really soon. I would like to send you something typically Indian so could you please send me an address where I could mail the parcel to you.

Lots of love,



Once again we would like to thank you for the absolutely wonderful perfect Prague visit. You are the most knowledgeable, kind, helpful and thoughtful person that we have met. We cannot begin to thank you for our fantastic vacation with you and how much we enjoyed your beautiful city. I would like to make comments on the website that you prefer to tell people to how much we recommend you as a travel guide because of your wealth of information and helpfulness. You are a treasure. Please send me the website that you wish for us to comment on?

Thank you and I hope your summer is lovely and you have time to enjoy your beautiful granddaughter.



Dear Ivana,

You probably will not remember me, it was years ago that you guided me around Prague for three days and I obviously, remember you and the wonderful days you gave me. It is as if i still hear you:"Let us..." Even if it is such a long time ago. I came with my husband for a three days reunion of White & Case, God knows when that was!

I do not even know whether you will ever receive this mail, so I shall not go into details, just would like to see if there might be a chance of you guiding some very dear friends of mine in April or May of this year, I do not have the exact dates yet, and it would only be for a day and I would like to pay you myself.

So I am just waiting for an answer to this mail and send you my best regards,
Angelica Seppälä

Angelica Seppälä

Dear Ivana,

Just a brief note to thank you again for our excellent tour with you on Sunday. You are a fund of information and thanks to Patricia Winter you shared your knowledge with us. It certainly enhanced our trip. Petra did a nice job...she too imparted a lot of facts and ideas and we found her English quite good in spite of her apologies about it. We thought that she seemed a bit intimidated by us, however, and wondered if you suggested to her that we were very well informed clients.

Thank you assuming that, if you did, but we learned so much from both of you and could not possibly have seen so much of Prague without your help.

Our best to you and thanks,
Jane and John

Jane and John

Greetings from Los Angeles!

We had a great time in Vienna and Budapest but never had a tour guide who compared to you. Thanks for making our visit to Prague so special.

We tried to refer you a client in Budapest and you will undoubtedly receive several clients from Los Angeles at some time.

When we arrived home it was hotter than anywhere we visited and very nice. However, our architecture is terrible and we have no history. Its a good thing we have our weather.
Paul & Cori

Paul & Cori

Ivana: Thank you so much for your excellent tour of Prague. We all enjoyed it so very much and agree that the best part of it was the tour to the Library at the Monastery of the Norbetine Monks. It was such a great experience for all of us. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole tour. Thank you for your help with the restaurant also ---we enjoyed a good meal there. Thank you.

Robert L. Ohmes and family
Robert's family

Robert's family

Dear Ivana,

Accolades and many thanks for your help and guidance during our travels in the Czech Republic. Your efforts not only met, but exceeded our expectations. We enjoyed Chesky Kromlov and adored Prague. You were correct. when we arrived in Vienna our hearts were still in Bohemia. It took my sister at least 48 to refrain from reminding us on an hourly basis how much we missed you and our Czech travels. "Vienna is too much like Chicago. "Too noisy". "Too big." And no serenade of an old Frankie Vallie song was forthcoming.

Thank You Again... Sandra


Dear Ivana!

I just wanted to thank you much again for your excellent tour that I took with my brother to Terezin on May 16th!

We both thought you were exceedingly professional, interested in us and interesting as a vivid and ariculate person, and had so much knowldge about your history and culture, which made the whole trip so very worthwhile and meaningful.

We enjoyed our time with you very much!

I hope very much to keep in contact with you for the future : one never knows what it will bring!

May I wish you the best for your business this summer in your beautiful city!

yours most sincerely,



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